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Kyocera finds that one in three European businesses still struggle with document storage despite digital alternatives


As information drives our modern business environment, the value of data has never been higher for organizations. Yet, many are only slowly getting to grips with how they store this information. One in three businesses recognise they lack document storage space, despite the fact that technology such as Content Services provides a simple solution.

Kyocera Document Solutions Europe, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has taken a closer look at the issue in a white paper on ‘How Lack of Document Storage Space Impacts Enterprises’. It presents an extension on the organization’s recent study into the state of digital transformation, titled ‘Business Digitalization in Europe Outlook 2019’.

“From our white paper, it’s evident that companies across Europe are yet to open their eyes to the opportunities that are available to them when it comes to how we store our documentation,” explains Michael Powell, Software Product Marketing Expert at Kyocera Document Solutions Europe.

Kyocera finds that one in three European businesses still struggle with document storage despite digital alternatives

“With years of paper documents piled up in our workplaces, organizations can discover a whole new way of working by using technology to organize their information. By simply digitizing a document which doesn’t need to be retained, crucial information can be kept without adding to the costs and complications associated with paper storage, whilst also making it far easier to search or track down the information at a later date.”

In the white paper, Kyocera considers the problems that businesses have identified in handling documentation in their offices. Many organizations report that they are running out of storage space whilst they are receiving an increasing number of documents. The situation forces companies into a difficult situation: take documents offsite for external storage or go digital.

A substantial 52% of companies demand easy access to their documentation, strengthening the offer of digital storage options, but many enterprises have yet to make the transition. In an increasingly mobile world, where workers spend time out of the office, in meetings, or working from home, access to digital documentation is essential.

This, combined with the issue of information security, identified as a priority by 56% of companies, shows why the future of document storage lies in digital content management tools such as Enterprise Content Management or Content Services.

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